CENBET takes to the airwaves


30 May 2016

Centre For A Better Tomorrow (CENBET) vice-president Ng Yeen Seen recently went on popular television talk show Analisis Awani to talk about the civil society group's findings on race and racism. Broadcasted on the Astro Awani channel, the 30-minute show saw her engage in a lively debate with host Dzulfitri Yusop.

Ng started off by saying that the idea for the survey came about following a series of incidents that had heightened racial tension last year, such as the Low Yat Plaza incident. This had prompted CENBET to do a study on just how racist Malaysians really were.

Among the salient points she shared from the findings was that while many young Malaysians described themselves as "racist" or had "shades of racism", they were in fact less racist based on factors like willingness to vote for a candidate from another race and their circle of friends.

CENBET, a body that promotes moderation and good governance, had conducted the peninsular-wide survey late last year. It covered 1,056 respondents from all walks of life.

The talk show can be viewed here.

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