Cultural exchange for kids


02 May 2016


It was like an event to promote greater understanding of each other’s ideas and customs. Children from two different parts of Asia, with contrasting lifestyles, met and shared stories, their art and the local cuisine.

The visitors were about 30 students from the United Chinese Christian College in Kowloon East, Hong Kong. They read about the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care on the internet and on a holiday in Malaysia recently, they decided to visit the home.

Children from the home played host to the students for half a day during which they took the opportunity to find out more about each other’s countries.

The visitors taught the children origami – an oriental craft of folding of paper into various items such as birds or flowers.

The children at the home reciprocated by showing the visitors how to make teh tarik, a favourite Malaysian beverage. The visitors even got to try their hands at making that special brew.

The hosts and visitors later sat down for a meal of nasi lemak, a Malaysian staple.
It was a day well spent, for both the visitors and their hosts. The college students from Hong Kong learned about what life is like in Malaysia. At the same time, the children at the home learned first-hand what it is like to live in a city like Hong Kong.

The visitors from Hong Kong playing games and sharing stories with the children at the home.

One of the visitors from Hong Kong making sure he has memories of his visit to take home.

Foundation Manager Diana Ooi (right) posing for a group photo with the visitors from Hong Kong and children at the home.

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