Malaysians’ take on racism


28 Mar 2016


Race relations is an issue that continues to hog the Malaysian psyche. Now, there is a survey that shows how we, as a nation, feel about the issue.

The Centre for a Better Tomorrow (CENBET) recently revealed the findings of a survey on race and racism among Malaysians living in the peninsula. The survey was conducted by market research company Anderson Market Analytics.

CENBET co-presidents Lim Chee Wee and Gan Ping Sieu jointly chaired the media conference to disclose the findings. Also present were committee members of CENBET.

Anderson Market Analytics executive director Prathab V also presented details of the findings to the media. The press were presented with details such as the percentage of Malaysians who regard themselves as "racists" and "having shades of racism" and those who say they were "not racist".

Conducted late last year, the survey took three weeks to complete and included face-to-face interviews with 1,056 respondents from different walks of life.

The media conference is the first in a series of announcements on the findings. CENBET will provide more details of the findings to the media at a later date.

Members of the CENBET panel responding to questions from the media.

Anderson Market Analytics executive director Prathab (right) presenting the findings of the survey.

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