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15 Feb 2015


For children who grow up in the city, it is rare that they get an opportunity to encounter animals other than dogs or cats. So it was a really fun and exciting day out for the children from the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care when they had a chance to spend the day in Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan, and visit an ostrich farm and the Army Museum there. The visit was made possible by volunteers.

The day started with a bus ride to the Army Museum, which is housed in two old army buildings and comprises nine galleries and a number of outdoor exhibits.

The galleries include a look at the army through the ages from the 16th century Melaka Sultanate, through the Portuguese and Dutch eras and then on to the British era from which the modern Malaysian army can trace its roots.

The inquisitive children had a chance to learn about the illustrious history of the country’s armed forces and their immense contributions to nation building. Many of the children were excited at a chance to see, for the first time, the various weapons on display and photos detailing the evolution of our security forces.

They also had a chance to get a close look at various military aircraft and helicopters, a selection of armoured vehicles and a number of field guns and artillery pieces in the grounds of the museum.

Then it was time to stop over at the ostrich farm. The children could hardly contain their excitement as they were allowed to come close not just to the ostriches, but also monkeys, goats and rabbits. There was even an opportunity to feed some of the animals, which the children from the home no doubt relished.

The highlight was a chance for the smaller kids to ride on the ostriches. It was a particularly memorable event for little Fasha Tham Ai Ying, who had to overcome her fear of the flightless bird which she clearly was terrified of. But with a little coaxing from her friends, Fasha eventually got over her fear and joined her friends in riding the animal.

As the visit drew to a close, the children returned to Kuala Lumpur with great big smiles and a head full of memories.

The Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care was set up with the aim of creating a nurturing environment for children who are orphans, from single parent households and under-privileged backgrounds, to empower them to become contributing members of society.

Kids had fun riding the ostriches.

For many of the children, this is their first close encounter with such animals.

Kids being shown how to feed a goat at the ostrich farm.

Coming close to ostriches was the highlight of the visit.

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