Yoga for kids at Hiichiikok Foundation’s Home


05 Oct 2015


Yoga provides just the right exercise for the children at the Hiichiikok Foundation’s Home For Children Care to limber up and ease their mind. The children were blessed to have yoga instructor, Florence Ng from Art of Living to guide them on yoga for free following the Home’s request.  

They attended a three-day workshop during the school holiday in June and have since been having monthly follow-up lessons. Besides the breathing exercises and various postures the children were also taught ways to face life in a positive manner.

Those at the Hiichiikok Foundation’s Home For Children Care are trained to free themselves from their broken past in order to become a better person. Many positive training programmes were organised for them and one of them is yoga.

Instructor Florence even gave out goodie bags to three of the Home’s children who missed the earlier workshop in The Art of Living Centre in i-City because of the UPSR exams. Florence and another instructor Sally taught the children basic yoga techniques and social skills during the workshop.

Another Instructor Susan Ng also offered nine teenagers from the Home to attend the “YES” seminar at Art of Living Centre in i-City. Susan was assisted by two other instructors Yee Hui and Fiona Lim.  After four days in the camp, the children learned to be positive and confident.


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