Words of encouragement from younger to older sister


06 Jun 2015


“Jangun takut, tak sakit lah!”  After uttering these simple reassuring words, five-year-old Tham Ai Ying (affectionately called Fasha at the Hiichiikok Home for Children Care) jumped down from the dental chair, went straight to her seven-year-old sister Tasha (Tham Zhia Yan) and led her to the dental chair.

While Tasha was at a corner fretting, weeping and refusing to get her teeth treated, Little Fasha was comfortably seated on the dental chair with one hand holding a mirror to look at herself, grinning from ear to ear, responding to the dental students and giving a thumbs up every now then to indicate she was doing fine.

Nothing could move Tasha from her frozen position, eyes filled with tears.  The dental students were doing their best to reassure her but it didn’t work.  Even the care provider who was in attendance couldn’t move her.  As a last resort, Tasha was led to Fasha’s cubicle to see how brave her little sister was. Seeing her sister by her side, little Fasha kept giving her thumbs up to assure her sister that she was enjoying the treatment.

Once the treatment was completed, Fasha jumped down from her chair, went straight to Tasha, held her hands and led her to the chair. Fasha’s encouragement worked miraculously.  Tasha just followed and seated herself onto the dental chair. Fasha was the centre of attention when she jumped in and seated next to Tasha, looking into her eyes, holding her hands and telling her bigger sister “tak sakit lah”.  It was a touching scene.

Thanks to Fasha, Tasha completed her dental treatment finally and smoothly and not only that, Tasha came down from the dental chair not in tears but grinning.

This was the scene at the Dental Care Department in SEGi University in Kota Damansara on June 12.  Thanks to Dr Prashant and his team, 13 of the children had their long overdue dental treatment. Our gratitude also to Mr Foo of the Eyecare unit and his team for attending to the optical issues faced by the children.



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