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23 Jan 2015

The children at Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care are probably more used to being on the receiving end of the public’s goodwill and generosity. The roof over their heads, books donated and the care and attention, the kids has had the opportunity to experience kindness and compassion from many kind-hearted individuals.

Thus, it was great idea for the children to learn the value of giving back, no matter how little they have. With this in mind, 15 children from the home volunteered at the Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple in Sentul recently.

The temple has been supporting the home for some time now, usually by donating provisions they receive from the public. When the Chief Venerable of the temple mentioned that they needed aid with manpower, it did not take long for the home to come forward.

The young ones were assigned to help pack donated items for the flood victims in Kelantan. They were there to unload the items before packing and labelling the boxes. They even took to the brooms, cleaning up the place after all packing and sorting was done.

Overall, the children enjoyed volunteering at the temple and in the process, learnt the important lesson of giving.

Children busy sorting, labelling and stacking the donated items.

Children cleaning up the temple after volunteering

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