CENBET-led #OpsHarapan in aid of Kelantan flood victims


11 Jan 2015


The Centre For A Better Tomorrow (CENBET) recently led a flood-relief effort in Kelantan in the wake of one of the worst floods to hit the East Coast. Named #OpsHarapan, it helped raised funds for victims; flew in medical staff to evacuation centres and understaffed clinics; ran a mobile clinic and assisted in the clean-up.

The team was led by CENBET Vice-President Ng Yeen Seen, who hails from flood-hit Pasir Mas. Barely hours after the operations started, donations in cash and kind started pouring in. Items received include common stuff like bottled water and foodstuff to rare but critical ones like water filtration system and solar power generators. The former was donated by a humanitarian group in Singapore.

Hundreds of volunteers were also mobilised to help throughout Kelantan in receiving donated items, packing them and distributing them throughout the state, including far flung areas. Many kind souls sponsored their premises to store the items and four-wheel drives to ferry them.

On the medical relief front, numerous doctors, nurses and pharmacists including those still studying the health sciences were flow in. Among the places they were based in include Tumpat, Tanah Merah and Kota Bharu. Many were nursing students from the International College of Advanced Technology (ICATS) in Sarawak and SEGi College in Kuala Lumpur.

Volunteers were in high spirits despite the spartan post-floods conditions and many even paid for their own expenses. Some kind souls had also provided shelter and food for the volunteers. We thank everyone who has contributed!

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