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17 Jul 2014


The Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care is all about providing a healthy and caring environment for underprivileged children to grow and contribute to society. The home believes that education is one of the key factors that will help empower the next generation.

Recently, two volunteers have signed-up to help the children with their studies. Volunteer Janice Wong has started tuition classes for the children since June 14 and she comes by every Saturday to teach the children Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and English.

Another volunteer, Rajesh Moorthy, is teaching Tamil every Friday evening and Sunday morning. She is a teacher at SJKT Thamboosamy Pillai, where three of the home’s children are attending school. Rajesh has commented that two of the boys from our home have been behaving better in class since staying with us.

In other news, the home now has a new housemother, Rose Mary Das, who joined in May. Rose Mary has settled in quite well and as housemother, she stays in the home with the children except on her days off. Another new member to our family is Dewi Meliasari from Indonesia, who cooks for the children and helps out around the home.

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