School’s festive celebrations an eye-opener for some


09 Apr 2018


The Peninsula International School Australia held its first ever Chinese New Year celebrations recently, led by its language teachers. For some international students and expatriate teachers, it was their first experience observing this major festival here.

Befitting its international student enrolment, the school-wide celebrations was given a global flavour. This includes a storytelling session of the Chinese animal zodiac in Mandarin, Malay and French.

Students also took part in House activities where the Dingoes, Koalas, Kangaroos and Wombats used a range of prop to create a photo with the CNY theme. They then took turns explaining the photos. The Wombats and the Kangaroos came in first.

There was also a calligraphy session to expose the students to an important Chinese artform. They were also given Mandarin oranges and festive stickers. The highlight of the celebration was the tossing of the yee sang - which was a first for some students and teachers!


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