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27 Feb 2013


SYF Resources Bhd is the largest rubberwood furniture manufacturer and exporter in Malaysia and is listed on Bursa Malaysia. HCK Capital Group holds a substantial investment in this company & views it as a sound investment for the long term.

SYF gets supplies of raw materials in the form of green sawn timber from local sources. These raw materials have to go through a 12-steps manufacturing process before furniture is made from them. This process is summarised in the flow diagram below:

The following series of photographs depict some of the 12 essential steps of SYF’s manufacturing process:

Pressure treated wood are stacked awaiting kiln drying.

Kilns are used to ensure pressure treated timber is dried before further processing.

The factory floor of SYF’s manufacturing facility.

Factory producing laminated boards.

Finger joint strips are glued together and placed in the clamping machine during the lamination process.

Wood working and spraying are done to the furniture parts by workers.

The manufactured furniture parts are packed and stored for shipment to customers.

A typical showroom with SYF's rubberwood furniture on display.


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