FMT hosts inaugural iGAR Tracker workshop


24 Jul 2017


Focus Marketing Technologies (FMT) recently conducted its first iGARTracker workshop, following rising demand for the revolutionary social listening tool. Top executives, including two CEOs attended the day-long event in HCK Group’s office in Petaling Jaya.

HCK Media’s newly appointed Chief Operating Officer Dan Loh led FMT’s team in demonstrating to the participants the unique features of the iGARTracker. He was assisted by Charles Wong, social media marketing pioneer and CEO at Astar Alpha & Cardpow and Ridzwan Arifin, FMT’s product manager.

iGAR Tracker is a social listening tool that track results and mentions from over 257 countries worldwide - from more than 150 million websites and 850,000 news sites. It allows subscribers to track reviews, likes, dislikes, comments and criticisms in real-time.

Participants also took part in simulation exercises during the workshop to experience first-hand the various features the tool offers. Those who attended were given a free trial use of iGAR Tracker for seven days and one year’s digital subscription of Focus Malaysia, a top-selling business weekly.

Due to overwhelming demand, FMT has already opened the registration for the second workshop, scheduled for 21 July 2017.



Participants who took part in the workshop.

Due to overwhelming response, the second series of the workshop has already been planned.

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