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10 Apr 2017


Readers of Focus Malaysia will get a special surprise when they renew their subscription for the premier business weekly – they will receive a 160-page money management guide absolutely free.

Money Wise – published by Focus Malaysia Sdn Bhd – is all about saving money and spending wisely, an extremely useful guide in these trying economic times.

The colourful book offers readers a compilation of 24 articles that have been rewritten and repackaged from previously published stories from Focus Malaysia and Focusweek.

The articles offer financial tips in three categories – Personal, Leisure and Career – as well as six inspiring personalities who have found success in a variety of roles.

According to Focus Group Editor-in-Chief Chong Cheng Hai, the idea was to curate content from Focus’ archive in conjunction with Focus Malaysia’s 200th issue and to share them with new readers and subscribers.

Focus Malaysia published its 200th issue on Oct 1, 2016. From that large body of work, we have selected some stories that we believe will serve to inspire you and help you make the best of your earnings, spending and investments,” said Money Wise editor Yeoh Guan Jin, who is also Focus’ Senior Executive Editor, in the preface to the book.

The topics covered include job-hopping your way up the corporate ladder; are post-graduate qualifications worth your time and money; investing in a million-ringgit plan; teaching your children about money; shopping for the best credit cards; stretching your ringgit on vacations; making cash in your free time, and many more.

Each article comes with a handy Tips box that provides at-a-glance information on the topic.

Besides financial management tips, Money Wise spotlights success stories of six prominent entrepreneurs such as Datuk Seri Phillip Siew Mun Chuang, Nadya Salim, Rick Chee, Datuk Tan Sue Ann, Yan Lim and the husband-and-wife team of Datuk Lee Ngai Mun and Datin Cindy Choh.

Work on the book started in earnest in September and was completed in November. Money Wise, which was sponsored by SP Setia, went to print at the end of December 2016.

It is given free to existing subscribers of the print and e-paper editions who renew their subscriptions.

It is also available for sale at Borders’ Bookstores at RM35 per copy.

Focus Malaysia is a weekly business newspaper published by Focus Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which is under the HCK Capital Group.

Money Wise – a special gift to existing subscribers who renew their subscriptions.

Money Wise features 24 articles that are all about saving money and spending wisely

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