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05 Sep 2016


There’s an exciting new entrant to the online business news scene. currentbiz, which launched on Sept 5, trains the spotlight on the latest trends and developments in the Asian business scene.

With an editorial team led by editor Fong Min Yuan, currentbiz will have its pulse on business-related activities in the region, which is growing at unprecedented rates.

currentbiz features eight sections – Biz News, Biz Tips, Startup, Profile, Social Economics, Snapshot, Tech & Gadget, Consumer – which will strive to offer an understanding of Asia and the players who help shape it.

Through constant monitoring of developments in the region, the website aims to deliver a comprehensive view of its moving markets, consumer shifts, technological advances and business innovations.

According to Fong: “We fulfil the entrepreneur’s or business professional’s demand for the trends and ideas that are shaping today’s Asian landscape. 

“Countries in Asia are growing at unprecedented rates. Asia’s share of global GDP is increasing rapidly. If once upon a time Asia was playing catch up, there are many sectors now where Asia is setting the pace for growth and innovation. The 21st century will decidedly be the Asia-Pacific century.”

The website which took about 5 months to start operations, will be updated daily, said Fong. Check it out here:

currentbiz is operated by Currentbiz Technology Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of HCK Capital Group Bhd.

currentbiz … keeping an eye on the Asian business scene.

currentbiz Team
The currentbiz team headed by Fong Min Yuan (2nd from left)

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