Muslim staff host Raya lunch for colleagues at HCK Media


03 Aug 2015


Since most of their friends and colleagues at HCK Media couldn’t visit them on Hari Raya, Muslim staff hosted a Hari Raya lunch for the editorial staff at Wisma HCK in Petaling Jaya on July 28.

The festive mood was felt as a spread of lemang and ketupat, accompanied by rendang, mutton curry and kuah kacang was laid out for all to enjoy on the editorial floor. 
The smell was certainly too good to resist and even some who were unaware of the gathering joined in to have a second lunch or to indulge in the wide array of desserts served. 
There were home-made chocolate brownies, pudding, kuih raya and a last-minute addition of ‘goreng pisang cheese’. 
The day’s gathering was organised by Zakiah Koya and Suraya Mohd Salleh, with help from some of the Muslim staff as a way to share the Hari Raya spirit with non-Muslim colleagues. 

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