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08 Jun 2016


Diligently digging deeper — with these three words, theantdaily came to be. Since August 26, 2013, theantdaily has dedicated itself to provide the nation with incisive insights and analyses about issues that the Malaysian public hold dear.

The website has been well-supported from the very start, with some 450,000 page views and 250,000 visitors in the first month of its inception. That figure has grown to over 650,000 unique visitors monthly, firmly establishing theantdaily as one of Malaysia’s leading independent news portals.

In addition, theantdaily was ranked 13th as the nation’s most visited news website accessed through either desktops or laptops according to comScore's Media Metrix report for January 2015.

This result was timely as the news portal had just implemented its new design at the start of 2015.

The following month, February, saw theantdaily breaking its monthly audience record with 813,000 readers and 1.83 million page views.

We achieved our latest milestone in March, when the site passed the 2 million page view mark for the first time and registered its best performance thus far, with a monthly readership of over 995,000 and over 2.33 million page views.

In less than two years, theantdaily has covered an extensive range of topics – from sensational current issues to gripping political dramas – through commentaries that go beyond the scope of ordinary breaking news.

We will continue to diligently dig deeper. We are beholden to no one, except to our readers.


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