Focus Malaysia’s Proud Tradition Continues


11 May 2015


Focus Malaysia senior writer Behonce Beh bagged a prize at the Special Task Force to Facilitate Business (Pemudah) Journalism Competition 2014 held recently.

His article entitled “Local council still a pain for mobile traders” which was published in the June 7 issue last year under the Enterprise section won the third prize in the printed/online English category of the competition. Beh received the award at a prize-giving ceremony held at the Prime Minister’s office in Putrajaya. 

The article explored the woes faced by mobile food-truck operators with regards to obtaining a licence from the local councils.

Beh says it shed light on issues faced by small traders and to remind policymakers that reforms need to go beyond lip service. They must be able to address difficulties faced by the business community when dealing with the authorities. 

“Local traders I have spoken to are actually keen to operate their business according to the guidelines and rules set by the authorities. However, most of them are in the dark as to the regulations that apply to their type of business,” Beh adds.

The annual competition, started in 2013, was organised by Pemudah in collaboration with the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI). The competition sought to recognise journalists’ works in publishing government reform initiatives in an interesting manner. 

One of the competition’s main objectives is to identify opportunities for reform and provide feedback on whether the initiatives are actually working in practice.

The competition consisted of two categories, namely broadcasting and printed/online. Entries are open to journalists working for any Malaysian printed or online publication as well as broadcasting and radio stations.

Last year, Focus Malaysia senior writer Joseph Wong won the top prize in the feature writing category at the MPI awards.

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