IGAR's Channel88 now live


20 Apr 2015


iGAR Worldwide Network, a subsidiary of HCK Capital Group recently launched Channel88, a video-curation website that is believed to be one of the first of its kind in the country.

It is touted as a one-stop site for those who want to watch popular or trending videos, whether made locally or abroad. Divided into three broad categories, it comprises “hot picks” (popular videos); “current” (trending videos) and “gallery” (message from supporters and sponsors).

Whether it’s funny, educational, entertaining, weird, or simply controversial, you can find those chart-topping or trending videos on Channel88. Its user-friendly interface, manned by experienced curators make it attractive to those who want to watch popular videos online but do not have the time to trawl through the Internet to find those hidden gems.

To add local flavour, Channel88 also features many up-and-coming local YouTubers who are often overlooked by other portals or international video-curation websites. This is part of Chanel88’s efforts to spot and catapult local talents by working with local production companies such as HCK Studios Sdn Bhd.

Channel88’s launch comes at a time when online video is growing in popularity as broadband Internet becomes more commonplace, especially among mobile users.

iGAR Worldwide Network is an integrated and interactive network of cross media channels and platforms with the reach to audiences that matter. The portal complements Currentbuzz, a site which curates trending news from Malaysia and abroad. 

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