Essential GST for property buyers


07 Dec 2014


Recently HCK Capital Group organised a talk called “Basic GST knowledge with impact on your property” at Wisma HCK in Petaling Jaya for all our buyers and investors.

Participants who came for the talk gain valuable insights from Richard William, the founder and lead partner of RW William, a chartered accounting firm.

The talk proved to be very insightful for all our buyers and prospects. Guests were eager to understand how GST imposed on the property sector could impact their investments. The overwhelming response from our buyers and investors for the talk was fantastic.

During the question and answer session, all participants were actively involved and many also grabbed the opportunity to have ply William with more in-depth questions after the talk to learn more about the effect that the GST implementation will have on the property industry in the near future.

The grand finale for the event was a lucky draw session and our happy winners were excited to take home their fabulous prizes. All in, it was an empowering session for the attendees.

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