The one most important investment in life can be said to be one’s property.


14 Apr 2014


The one most important investment in life can be said to be one’s property. Aside from the monetary value of this investment there are myriad of social and familial factors associated with the purchase of a property. Needless to say, the processes involved in the purchasing of a property is often long and at times complicated.

This is where the “backroom boys and girls” of HCK Capital Group’s property division come in. The Sales and Credit Administration Department is indeed the team that looks after our purchasers right from the time they sign the sales and purchase agreement, taking over the jobs of looking after the purchaser’s needs from the marketing team.

Most of our purchasers would have spoken to them but may not had a chance to meet the team members in person.  They work behind the scene to ensure our customers have a positive experience during and after property purchase.

This department is headed by Ms Susie Chin, who has more than 15 years of working experience in the property development industry.  Ms Chin and her team’s core responsibilities are processing of purchasers’ data, preparation of loan documentation, generation of billing, issuance of receipts, and collection of payments.  They also establish a  panel of end-financiers and solicitors who truly understand our projects in order to simplify the process of securing financing for the purchasers.  

Their other duties include troubleshoot purchasers’ loan matters when necessary and provide updates on construction progress to purchasers.

Ms Chin and her team take pride in what they do and are passionate, innovative and trustworthy.  Without an efficient and effective “backroom” operation performed by the Sales and Credit Administration department, it would be impossible for us to serve our purchasers’ needs. In the property development game, a sale is not confirmed until the purchaser is able to secure a favourable financing. Thus the success of the property division is dependent on it having an optimally operated backroom services provided by Ms Chin’s team.

Sales and Credit Admin team (from left to right) : Ms Norhafizah (Executive), Ms Islean Ng (Manager), Ms Jessica Lee (Executive), Ms Susie Chin (Senior Manager), Mr. Tang Kam Fei (Assistant Manager) and Ms Siti Asmah (Senior Executive).

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