Building Education Cities & Learning Communities Across Malaysia

With property and education as its core businesses, the HCK Group is best known for its education city series and chain of educational institutions. HCK also has investments in numerous other industries and capitalises on its Group synergy to be discerning and different.


Brain Gym and more at Children’s Home

19 Nov 2018

The 27th of October was definitely not a quiet Saturday at the Home. In fact, most of the day was filled with enriching experiences ...

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Peninsula Enrichment Carnival brings a host of enrichment activities for children of all ages

What’s hot: * Decode Talent DNA test * Toddler football training * Seriously Addictive Mathematics * Robotics * and more!

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What makes a perfect cup of coffee

Jamaica Blue shares the secret to what makes a perfect cup of coffee. Here it from a barista himself, all the way from the Australian headquarters ... 

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